VIDEO: ‘We’re only prepared for marriage’

Naomi Bya’Ombe is 15 years old and lives in Kinshasa. She likes singing, dancing and watching TV.

She is the fifth of seven siblings (four girls and three boys), and also lives with two of her cousins.

Naomi says life is not only about washing the dishes or doing the laundry, and she wishes schools would give both girls and boys the same preparation to succeed in life.

Her story is part of a series of six short films for the BBC 100 Women season called ‘Good Girl’, in which young women around the world talk about the pressure to fit in with society’s expectations.

Video produced by Vladimir Hernandez and Emery Makumeno.

Our 100 Women season showcases two weeks of inspirational stories about the BBC 100 Women and others who defy stereotypes around the world.

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November 30th, 2015

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