Djs & Presenters

maimunabahMaimuna Bah Njie
Married and a mother. Long serving staff of West Coast Radio and managing the marketing department
lamin-jallowLamin Jallow
Presenter of: NDAGA MUSIC every Wednesdays 7 till 9pm
: NDAGA AND AFRO MANDING Fridays 2am till 7:30am
fatou-nasso-jengFatou Nasso-Jeng
Presenter of: NDAGA Mondays 7pm till 9pm
: MBALA Tuesdays 2pm till 4pm
: Golden Oldies Wednesdays 9:30pm till 11pm
: sports women in action Thursdays 9:30pm to 10pm
: NDAGA music Fridays 5pm to 7pm
Muhammed SaidyKhan

Muhammed SaidyKhan

Muhammed SaidyKhan aka MLSK
Co-presenter and Producer of: Balaboyotoo Mondays to Wednesdays and Fridays
: focus on African sports Wednesday’s 11am to 12pm
: Sport report on Thursday’s 9pm to 9:30pm
Ida Coly

Ida Coly

Ida Coly
A.K,A "Chaati kerr gi" or Aidose Presenter of: Ndaga music on Mondays 2pm to 4pm
: Jola music Tuesday’s 5pm to 7pm
: Thursdays Africell hour 1pm to 3pm and Women in action 9:30pm to 10pm
: Friday’s Ndaga music 2pm to 4pm
Omar Jarju

Omar Jarju

Omar Jarju
Producer, Reporter and Broadcaster of: sport takkat yaram Monday’s to Friday’s 4pm to 4:30pm Producer of Women in action every Thursday 9:30 to 10pm
DJ Rapa. Aktion Sound The World Dada

DJ Rapa. Aktion Sound The World Dada

DJ Rapa The World Dada
Presenter of: Dancehall music Mondays 5pm to 7pm
: Music selection Tuesdays 11pm to 2am
: Wednesdays music 5pm to 7pm
: Saturdays Music 10:30am to 1pm
John Mendy

John Mendy

John Mendy
SProducer and sport Broadcaster of: Baluz Nagijama Balanta program Tuesday’s
: Flavours of the day Tuesday
: LG Hour Tuesdays
: Music at work Fridays
: Sport Report Fridays
: Voice of persons with Disabilities Saturdays
: Praising Voices and B’NONT Manjaku Sundays
Music Wednesday 11pm, Thursdays 10pm, Saturday 8pm,Sundays 6pm
Pa Barrow

Pa Barrow

Momodou Pa Barrow
Sport reporter: Mondays to Fridays
haggie drammehHaggie Drammeh
Head OF sports/ Producer and Broadcaster of: sport talk and sport report Mondays to Fridays
Alhaji fattyAlagie Fatty
Producer and presenter: of sport talk, sport report and Balaboyoto Mondays to Fridays
fatou barraFatou Barra
Presenter of: Jagal Kerr GI Tuesdays
: Manding Bantaba Wednesdays
: Nyo Karando Thursdays
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